My Story

I first became interested in health and wellness in my early twenties, or at least I thought I did…. I was more interested in looking healthy than actually being healthy. I would go to the gym 3-5 times a week following weight routines I had seen in various health magazines, and they definitely helped pack on some muscle, but I could never get rid of the flab and look the way I wanted. Along came the ‘low fat’ way of eating, which I tried with little to no success. Then there was ‘Body for Life’ which is a 12-week program complete with meal plans and exercise routines. Initially I had some success, but eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day for six days a week as well as training six days a week is not sustainable, and then what happens at the end of the 12 weeks?

Along comes marriage and children and very little time for any form of exercise, so I focus on trying to eat healthy and try the Healthpointe 2.0 way of eating, which promotes a high protein, low carb, low fat diet. Again, some initial success but trying to find healthy protein snacks proved to be a problem. So, I do some research regarding protein alternatives and come across a site called “Mark’s Daily Apple”. This guy claims the way to true health is by eliminating grains and sugar, what utter nonsense.

A few weeks after changing my eating habits, before starting Primal Blueprint Fitness.

A few months later professor Tim Noakes releases his book “The Real Meal Revolution” and claims the way to true health is by eliminating grains and sugar, which is a complete about turn on his stance of carbo-loading. So, I buy the book, read it, and start eliminating grains and sugars from my diet. And it happens, the flab starts disappearing! I decide to do a bit more research on this new High Fat, Low Carb way of eating and again I come across the site called “Mark’s Daily Apple”, but this time I take it a bit more seriously and delve a little deeper and find “The Primal Blueprint”.

While the eating principles are the same as those mentioned in “The Real Meal Revolution” there is a lot more information on exercise and relaxation. I download all the free e-books and devour all the information as fast as I can. I can’t believe that all this information isn’t mainstream, it just makes so much sense. I gradually start implementing all that I’ve read and the results are amazing. The excess fat just melts off, my energy levels increase and I start feeling healthier….

And then my health starts to deteriorate. I develop itchy skin with no rash and start losing too much weight. My GP can’t explain it so I go to a homeopath, then a naturopath, then an acupuncturist, then an endocrinologist, then a dermatologist, I even go for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy. I try all manner of natural remedies but nothing helps. During all this I am going through a divorce which doesn’t help matters much so I finally settle on going to a psychologist because I believe it is stress related.

I look pretty healthy on the outside, but on the inside the cancer is doing it’s damage. (if only we could see the inside of our body)

A year later I drive myself to hospital with severe stomach pain only to find out I need to have my appendix removed. During the regulatory CT Scan the nurse detects some irregularities in my lungs and asks if I have been coughing a lot. I hadn’t noticed. A week later I am back in hospital with what looks like blood in my urine. Another CT scan and again the nurse comments on my lungs and recommends the scans get sent to a pulmonologist for further investigation. A cystoscopy later and thankfully nothing wrong with my bladder.

The pulmonologist then contacts me and wants to perform a bronchoscopy to get a better look at my lungs, he then sends me for a bronchoscopy under conscious sedation so they can get some tissue samples. Still inconclusive, so they send me for a CT guided biopsy and finally a diagnosis, Lymphoma. Not what one wants to hear, but at last I know what I am dealing with.

Off to the oncologist I go. She sends me for a bone marrow biopsy in order to determine the exact nature of the lymphoma and what stage the cancer has reached. The result, Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She recommends six months of chemotherapy, and after a long discussion about natural alternatives and how much time I have left if I don’t get treatment I agree. Those six months were really tough and the chemotherapy did a lot of damage, but I believe that if I hadn’t stuck to the Primal Blueprint lifestyle it would have been a lot worse, and I might have had to extend the treatment.

After my lung biopsy I am finally given the all clear!

Once I am given the all clear I decide it is now time to start taking better care of myself so I decide what better way than to learn more about health and wellness, and then apply the principles to my own life. I sign up for the Primal Health Coach course and sixteen weeks later I am a Certified Primal Health Coach.

I now offer my services as a Certified Primal Health Coach and hope to be a positive influence to all those I coach.

Thank you for reading my story…

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